Public Offerings & Capital Markets

Sarantitis Law Firm is well known for its expertise in IPO's and subsequent public offerings.

Starting with the Athens Stock Exchange boom back in 1997-1999, the firm has been one of the most sought legal advisors in conducting advisory work in IPO's in a variety of industry sectors including telecoms, banking, IT, construction and engineering, insurance, etc.

Our IPO and public offerings team includes a multi-disciplinary team of lawyers, combining both stock exchange regulatory issues' expertise as well as knowledge of the peculiarities of different industries / market areas.


Banking and Finance

Sarantitis Law Firm has been providing leading-edge consultancy services to banks, securities brokerage firms and other major local and foreign institutions, dealing with a large variety of financial products for many years.

Our long-lasting traditional relations with several banks and institutions has enabled the firm to focus not only on the conventional bank lending but also on modern sophisticated services, electronic banking, equipment leasing and factoring. Furthermore, our Banking & Finance Department has a broad range of experience in structured transactions, including numerous over-the-counter and exchange-traded derivative products.